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Disclaimer of Content

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WHOIS data collection

As disclosed in our Privacy Policy, the App collects personal information about you or your company for the purposes of submitting domain registration requests to supporting registrars/resellers. When registering any domain, some of your personal information is made available via the public WHOIS system. The Domain Grabber App is no exception.

We assumes no responsibility for the information you provide to the WHOIS system via this app, personal or otherwise. We encouraged you to educate yourself as to the amount of information disclosed by the WHOIS service. Disclosure of personal information via the WHOIS system may lead to unforseen consequences, including but not limited to an increase in the amount of unsolicited email (aka ‘spam’) received at registrant contact addresses, or issues regarding identity theft.

We make no warranties or representations that any WHOIS privacy service(s) offered by any registrar or reseller may prevent any portion of personal information from becoming publicly available, or that the App will properly convey WHOIS privacy service preferences in a reliable manner to any registrar or reseller or associated service(s).

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